3Dtools is a design and engineering company based in West Flanders, Belgium. Our key competence is in designing and building machines for the chemical industry. We have been leading the way, helping businesses significantly improve their industrial processes and we’re proud to say we’ve established our expertise for over 30 years.

We achieve this by deeply understanding our clients’ processes and operations. We determine what our customers need and how to make the improvements that they desire happen. We provide both standard as custom-built machines or machine parts as specified by our clients’ requirements.

Our wealth of experience in designing and building chemical process machinery has put us in a unique position as pioneers of cutting-edge design and construction techniques. Our ultimate aim is to help businesses do more than they ever thought possible. Sounds like something you’re interested in? Simply give us a call to get started!



3Dtools is uniquely positioned to serve most businesses and factories within the chemical industry. We provide them with chemical process machinery to bolster their industrial automation efforts.

Our usual customers are factories looking for small modular solutions to integrate into their existing machine setup. Plus, we also work with companies looking for easy-to-use, affordable machinery to ramp up specific processes and save resources.

If your business fits into any of those categories or if your business is within the chemical industry, 3Dtools is here to help. What’s more, you can always trust us to meet and exceed your expectations. Feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you.

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