The Volufill

The volufill is our solution for dosing and filling pasteus products. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to know about its specific benefits, have a look below:

Our fillers have been designed, built and put on the market to dose any kind of product of the
following sectors: alimentary, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Through a suction system the product is introduced into the dosing chamber. As it has reached the quantity required, the piston begins to push the product on the outside through the output valve and the related nozzle. Different kinds of valves can be installed on the machine according to the product to be managed.

We have several options and configurations:

  • 0-38 ml
  • 2-100 ml
  • 5-260 ml
  • 20-680 ml
  • 50-1300 ml
  • 200-5000 ml


The Pistonfiller can also be connected with the fixed cooking setup. This allows for a very flexible way of starting a batch, cleaning and then moving on to the next batch of cooker.

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