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    Gravitational Filling Machines
    Offering the highest quality performance, our gravitational filling machines are simple to use and require little to no maintenance. Gravitational fillers are usually best for applications where the viscosity of the liquid remains constant irrespective of temperature change. You can trust our machines to hold up over a long period, giving you reliable and efficient service for years on end.
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    Piston Filling Machines
    Piston filling machines are the de-facto standard for chemical substances that are viscous or have relatively big particulates. Substances include oils and lubricants, waxes, adhesives, creams, gels, among others. Piston Filling machines are easy to use and require little to no technical expertise to get up and running.
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    Tin can lid Dispensing
    Designed to dispense tin can lids as determined by your production requirements, these are available as automatic and semi-automatic variants. They can dispense up to 30 lids per minute, giving you the speed and flexibility you need to meet those targets.
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    Tin can lid Closing
    3Dtools provide a premium range of tin can closing and sealing machines at affordable prices. If you need an automatic or a semi-automatic implementation, then we have the solutions you need. What’s more, they are all durable and can be retrofitted to fit nicely into your present production line.
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    The Gravifill
    The Gravifill is one of our flagship products. As a gravitary liquid dispensing machine, it’s semi-automatic and has a pneumatic actuated fluid valve system as well as a full stainless-steel build. It also has a height-adjustable base table and its design allows for a quick disassembly roller conveyor as well as quick tool-less cleaning. An all-round winner!

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    Label Apply Solutions
    We provide label application solutions that leverage different techniques to ensure your labels are applied perfectly. If you need semi-automatic, automatic, or print and apply solutions, you’re in the right place.
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    Print & Apply Solutions
    As top of the line label applicators, our machines have a label printer and a label dispenser integrated into one unit. Our machines are capable of printing and dispensing labels onto your products automatically. Essentially a set-and-forget system, these applicators are super easy to use. Should you need any modifications, our modular approach makes it all seamless and fast. Call us now to get yours.

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    IBC Mixers
    3Dtools provides you with the best in industrial agitators and mixers for use with Intermediate Bulk Containers. We provide a wide range of models for different applications within the chemical industry. Our mixers are well suited to mixing slightly viscous liquids, dissolution of powders, and many other applications. If you work with dyes, food and beverages, cosmetics, and a host of other applications, an IBC mixer is a must-have. Get yours now.
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    Drum Mixing
    If drum mixing is better suited to your specific needs, our machines are durable, easy-to-use and effective.
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    Conveyor Belts
    Here at 3Dtools, we can provide you with the highest quality conveyor belts to aid your industrial automation processes. We also carry out installation, so we can ensure that everything works correctly. Whatever your application demands, be it a rubber, plastic, leather, or metal conveyor belt, we are up to the task. Simply get in touch so we can begin improving your process.
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    Roller Conveyors
    If you’re looking for increased versatility and capacity, Roller conveyors are the way to go. They are a perfect match for any warehouse, loading dock, or baggage handling area you can get your hands on.

This service is our bread and butter. We are thoroughly equipped and have the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver custom made solutions and machines for all businesses within the chemical industry. We design as per your requirements and carefully put them together here in Belgium. To find your company’s next stepping stone, reach out to us today and we’ll find innovative ways to boost both productivity and profits!

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