Logistics optimisation

For a customer specialised in wood treatment and coatings, we had the opportunity to create a first version of an optimised logistics flow.

The challenge was to go from 35 orders per day on large pallets to 150+ shippings per day. This trend comming from the ever more popular E-commerce side of the business. in fase 2 we needed to be able to scale to 500+ packages /day.

We proposed an switch from sequential picking of boxes to pallets (mixed pallets) to palletpicking in racks, piece picking in racks to piece picking from a VLM. With the introduction of a VLM machine to accelerate the picking of small goods, a new way of organising the picking was needed.

We started by designing the complete picking logic, a way of combining these pickorders and getting them packaged for shipping.

In the first fase we introduced a VLM with a 5 postition Drop to Light. There was 1 conveyor belt with a bin return rollerconveyor under it. This was the first step to bring goods to people instead of moving people to goods.

The picture below was the setup with already 2 tables to condition the goods and register to ship them. We clearly see the inbound on top, with carts. the conversion to grouped picks from VLM and bolow the packaging zone.

In the second fase we amplified the registration of the collis. With an automated scale and measure device to be able to scan the several box sizes

In the last fase we upgraded the flow  – to manage even greater volumes of picking.

18 Drop to light positions which enable us to pick 18 batches simultaniously. Less travel, less idle time and prepared for expansion to 30.

Doubling the buffer line of picked on very compact footprint (U-shaped setup)

4 Packaging stations were a basic conditioning and labeling happens

1 Dispatching station where the final shipping administration is done.

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