3Dtools’ main focus is chemical process machinery: specifically filling, labeling, mixing, and internal transport machinery. Everything happens in-house, from the design to the building of complete machines or machine parts. No-nonsense design is our mantra. If it isn’t perfect, then it isn’t good enough.

Behind our confidence is a combined 30 years of experience in engineering, machinery and the chemical industry. Thanks to our experience in designing and building machinery for chemical process applications, we feel confident operating and working with all machines in the chemical industry. What’s more, we craft unique solutions that help companies rise above their peers. Trusting us to give your production process that magic touch will be the best decision you ever made, right after deciding to become an entrepreneur.

Hi, I'm Sam

I always wanted to start my own business in the technical world. Throughout my career I had the opportunity to see, observe and work in a multitude of production environments. These experiences gave me the opportunity to spot the weakest link in those production chains. Identifying the bottlenecks of a production process is only the first step, this step triggered me to optimise those processes.

Most manufacturing companies still work to maximise the batch size. However, with the change in market demands, the uprise of e-commerce and the constantly rising logistics expectations, companies don’t need to work harder but smarter. I’m convinced that companies must focus on minimising turnover- & machine cleaning times. By minimising those times, production chains become more flexible and companies will be more able to answer to changing market requirements. 

Hi, I'm Lieven

As the CEO of a production company for industrial coatings and paints, we are constantly looking for improvements in our company; both in terms of efficiency at production level and in the area of ergonomics for our employees.

In this quest I got to know Sam and that’s how we started developing the Gravifill. This excellent filling machine represents great added value for our company. We can switch more quickly between different batches and this results in significant time savings. As a result, we can immediately handle more volume. So a win-win!

Thanks to our practical knowledge within many filling processes, we know where the bottlenecks lie and that is why I am convinced that with 3Dtools we can become an important partner for you!

Hi, I'm Jan

My experience goes from focussing on the very fundamental processes based on my academic background as well as the day to day common problems on the work floor.

I like to question existing processes and check whether the way of working is still the most optimal. Many processes are the result of a long tradition. It is fascinating to rethink this and approach it from a different angle to achieve a more efficient flow. It always lies in the details, to engineer those details, you have to map out the entire process. Both theory and practice are essential, a good solution lies in the balance between common practice and most advanced technical products.

Optimal working conditions result in consistent quality and output. The tools required for this should be as simple as possible for the task at hand. It’s nice to adjust the right knobs and see immediate results in a happier operator in a more focused routine with higher output and better quality.


100% Belgian

We are based in West Flanders, Belgium. All our deliverables are designed, built, and assembled locally here in Belgium. So, if all you need are modular solutions or a complete system built from the ground up to deliver exceptional levels of efficiency, we have got you covered. Simply give us a call or say hello@3dtools.be via email to get started .

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